General Questions & Payment

1When can we contact you? When can we meet with you?
You can contact us Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. Saturday.
2What are the payment terms?
We accept payments by cash, personal checks or business. We also accept payments by bank account or by credit card through Paypal. For payment other than cash, the Payment should be confirmed prior to delivery of products or service drive.
3What is Paypal?
Paypal allows you to pay online with your bank account or credit card quickly and safely and for free. Get information on Paypal or open a Paypal account.
4When should we make our payment?
A deposit of 50% of the bid is required to start any project. This amount covers the opening of your application, consultation and booking domain name (if applicable). The balance must be paid lorque the chosen solution will have been delivered? your satisfaction.

Web Design / Web Hosting

1How long your web hosting plan?
Domain name and hosting plan are paid for a period of one year. At the end of this year, you can renew for an additional year.
2What do I need for web design project?
Customer must provide all the necessary design of its website details. Among other things:-The personal photos. -The text for each pages.À failure to provide these elements, EYN WEB can also take pictures there, but fees will apply. These fees are $ 30 / h, at least 1 hour. If the client does not have text to the contents of its pages, We provides a composition content service. You can find more details in the "Services" section.

Glossary of technical terms

Bandwidth Bandwidth refers? The amount of data you can transfer. If your sites require a lot of data transfer, you will need more bandwidth.

Books Online Displays online all your company's products through an online catalog. The online payment option is not available, see eCommerce.

Email Account: A mailbox lets you send and receive emails using software such as Outlook or Thunderbird. It is accessible through the POP and IMAP protocols.

eCommerce: This refers to e-commerce (online) to make purchases online using credit card or bank account via online payment tool, Paypal.

Webspace: With more space, you can store more files, photos, emails and web pages on the server.

Photo Gallery: Website for enthusiasts the pictures or have business that relies more photos? pin up. Example: Barber, professional makeup .

Web Hosting: Hosting in order to reserve a space may vary according to the needs of customers. This space allows you to store your website to make it available for all users. For more information about the wikipedia page that discusses the different types of accommodation.

Domain Name The domain name is the name given a simplified way? your website. eg or

static Web page: A static web page is a web page whose content is a priori identical to each consultation.

Dynamic Web page: A dynamic web page is a web page generated on demand, as opposed to a static Web page. The content of a dynamic web page can vary depending on several factors (time, user name, form completed by the user, etc..) That are not known at the time of consultation. The design of a dynamic web page requires additional programming and is much more complex.