How To Get Targeted Leads With SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has a variety of uses in Digital Marketing; one of these is generating Leads. 

Difference Between SEO and Lead Generation

The focus of SEO is to increase your ranking results on search engine pages.

SEO will help you optimize/refine your website’s page so that it will be easy for people to find it when they use search engines such as Google. 

Ultimately, its goal is to make search engines create links to your website whenever someone types any relevant keywords. These links will act as a guide to your potential consumers to your website. 

The focus of Lead Generation is to increase the number of your consumers.

Lead Generation will help you build an attraction to your ideal customers, potentially making them interested in the services you are providing.

Digital marketing businesses must rely on Lead Generation to increase output sales and accumulate additional clients for their service. 

SEO and Lead Generation are two important factors in Digital Marketing when making a successful marketing strategy. However, even if these two are not the same thing, they have an important connection with each other. 

MC Marketing 360  agency can help with both, our 10 years of professional experience made us master Lead Generation and SEO marketing strategy. 

Utilizing SEO for Generating Leads

SEO is an essential traffic channel in any digital Lead Generation strategy. 

SEO will ensure that you are visible or will automatically appear when someone searches your relevant keywords. 

In simple terms, SEO‘s sole purpose is to make the name of your service known in every search engine.

This will be the road that’ll bring traffic of visitors to your website because it becomes easier to navigate.

Search engines also use SEO keywords when displaying search results.

This strategy is essential especially if you run a business that provides local service in your area.

As people who lose interest in paid search and ads dramatically increase, it is best to utilize SEO to your utmost advantage. 

When you utilize an SEO strategy, you will be able to generate more leads because you can appeal to your target leads/audience at the right time and place online. 

People, even search engines always look for good quality content that inclines with the things they search. 

So if you’re not displaying the quality content they want, you will miss out on your potential leads.

Remember that a website that is not showing up on search results is almost useless because nobody will know about it. 

Therefore, you will need to optimize your SEO strategy accordingly with your targeted lead goals and objectives to improve the number of potential customers that visit your website.

If your optimized content accurately represents what visitors are searching for, these visitors will eventually turn into leads, which can eventually turn into clients.

In order for you to utilize your lead generation strategy more effectively, a  few of some helpful ways are listed below: 

  • Understanding User Intent

User intent, query intent, and search intent all apply to the same principle. Identifying and categorizing what online viewers are trying to find and the types of frequently searched items for search engine optimization.

  • Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are longer and more specific, which online surfers are more like to use.

  • Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is the process of optimizing your website’s content to make it accessible for a mobile device. 

In this way, your content can adjust easily from desktop to mobile providing potential leads with an outstanding experience.

  •  Killer Meta Description


Your meta descriptions should be no longer than 160 characters. Always write in an active voice,  mention your target and primary keyword as to the start as possible, keep it conversational, convey value, make sure to put call-to-action words.


The capability of an SEO lead generation campaign is not only about ensuring your great chance of succeeding in a highly competitive online market by building a strong presence online but can also improve your chance of getting more quality leads for both the short-term and long-term run. 

Here at MC Marketing 360 agency, we helped hundreds of businesses utilized SEO effectively on their websites. We have over a decade of experience in this field of service. 

Contact us today, our digital marketing agency is always here to help implement this strategy. 


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